Early voting opens at six locations in Ramsey County

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman cast his vote for school board Tuesday in a precinct outside his political ward.

In fact, he was several neighborhoods away from home, and a week early for the Nov. 7 election.

Coleman, who was joined by the three DFL-endorsed candidates for school board at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center on Mackubin Street, is encouraging voters in Ramsey County to do the same.

Early in-person voting opened on Halloween at six locations throughout the county. Through Nov. 6, Ramsey County elections officials will accept absentee ballots in person from voters who live anywhere within the county.

Hours for the six early-voting locations are posted online.

As a result of the “No Excuses” bill passed by the Legislature in 2013, Minnesota voters no longer must provide a written reason to be allowed to vote absentee, which can be done by mail or in person at election offices.

The goal is to boost voter participation and ease of access to the ballot box.

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