For Social Justice. For Taxpayers. For Common Sense. It’s time to legalize it.

Minnesota’s prohibition of marijuana is disproportionately hurting young people and people of color. Because of uneven enforcement of marijuana laws, legalization is about equal justice.

Nearly 600,000 people were arrested in 2015 in the United States for possession of small amounts of marijuana, a disproportionate number of whom are people of color. Many have had their lives wrecked from marijuana-related arrests at an early age.

Prohibition of marijuana has not reduced youth access to marijuana, instead buttressing the strength of the underground market where young people have greater access to marijuana than they do to regulated drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

And for our economy, studies show legalizing and regulating marijuana is good for our economy and job growth. Marijuana is already one of the United States’ largest cash crops, but Minnesota taxpayers reap no financial benefit, instead spending millions of tax dollars to enforce outdated laws. Rather than spending millions fighting the war on marijuana, Minnesota should invest those dollars in early education and health care.