Gun Violence Prevention

Mass shootings are the new normal in our country and it’s unacceptable. Whether in a movie theater or a classroom; a house of worship or a concert, in this country, in those places, your life is at stake.

As one of the first Mayors to join Mayors Against Illegal Guns, for the last two decades, Chris has been a consistent voice speaking up on behalf of all Minnesotans and fighting against gun violence and illegal firearms on the streets of our cities and towns.

The devastation we see in communities across this country is completely preventable and as Governor, Chris will implement commonsense gun legislation that ensures all Minnesotans have the right to live free from the constant fear of gun violence.

Commonsense Gun Legislation

As Governor, Chris will strengthen our existing gun safety laws by:

  1. Requiring background checks on every gun purchased or transferred in Minnesota. There should not be different safety rules for online gun purchases vs. in-store gun purchases.
  2. Allowing scientists to do their jobs by rolling back gun lobby restrictions on studying gun violence as a public health issue. We must invest in the Minnesota Department of Health and give researchers the tools they need to help address the epidemic of gun violence.
  3. Implementing a Gun Violence Protective Order (GVPO) law to create a legal path for family and household members, and law enforcement, to temporarily remove guns and prevent new gun purchases by those who pose a risk to themselves or others.
  4. Requiring mandatory reporting of all lost or stolen guns because we know the sooner law enforcement can identify and recover missing firearms, the more likely we are to keep dangerous people and criminals from perpetrating gun-related crimes. States with mandatory reporting laws report 33% fewer gun-related crimes than states without these regulations.

This list is just a start, but these actions will make a difference. As Governor, Chris will put the safety of our communities first, bring Minnesota together around commonsense gun laws that respect the Second Amendment and keep our kids and families safe from gun violence.