Early Education

Economic security in Minnesota requires a well-trained and educated workforce. But that doesn’t start in high school or college. The workforce of tomorrow is born today. Our plan to educate young people must begin at birth and focus resources on early learning. As much as 90 percent of brain development occurs before children start kindergarten.

We know that kids who are ready to start kindergarten by age 5 are more likely to have future success in work and contribute to our economy – something that benefits all Minnesotans.

As Governor, Chris will make investments to guarantee access to quality early care and education programs for all families, regardless of income.

K-12 Education

Chris will continue Minnesota’s progressive tradition of investing in our K-12 students, counselors, and teachers. 55,000 teachers in more than 2,000 Minnesota schools teach more than 840,000 kids. The strength of these public schools has long been the lynchpin of Minnesota’s economic success.

But our schools are not working for all Minnesotans. Minnesota’s opportunity and achievement gap has led to some of the largest income and wealth disparities in the United States. As Governor, Chris will work to close the equity gap that continues to limit opportunities for success and equality.

In addition to investment in schools, Chris has long been a champion of high-quality out-of-school time education and programming for young people. Recognizing that students spend 80 percent of their time outside the classroom, Chris worked in Saint Paul to create Sprockets, a community collaboration dedicated to improving the quality, availability, equity, and effectiveness of out-of-school time learning.

Higher Education

Whether a high school graduate enters the workforce immediately, learns a trade, or attends a 2 or 4-year college, Minnesotans have some of the best options of anywhere in the country. But for many, a college education is simply unaffordable. We have to get tuition rates at the University of Minnesota and in schools across the state under control. Minnesotans should be able to afford the world-class education that is right in our own back yard.