Our economy isn’t working for all Minnesotans – too many people from all parts of our state are being left out. We have to grow a strong economy that works for every family and ensures the freedom and security of all Minnesotans.

As Governor, Chris will strengthen Minnesota’s economy today and create the jobs of tomorrow. Chris will create a Job Opportunity Strikeforce to work with local officials, business leaders and entrepreneurs across Minnesota to ensure that every city and town has the tools they need to grow local jobs and achieve their community-identified economic needs and goals.

But it’s not just about jobs. It’s about our workers too. As Governor, Chris will focus on creating and filling good-paying jobs, in every corner of our state by investing in hardworking Minnesotans. Chris will expand affordable housing for our workforce, making it easier for working parents to pay for high-quality child care, and ensure that the right education and training is available for job-seekers to successfully gain employment in areas of need.